The Y Annual Report

2017 / 2018

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Our vision is for every young person to have a safe place to call home and the support they need to create lasting change in their lives



101 rooms are available for homeless young people aged 16 – 25


250 young people were housed by The Y throughout the year


125 moved on positively into their own tenancies

Support Needs

  • Mental ill health
  • Substance misuse (drugs and alcohol)
  • Offending behaviour
  • Learning disability
  • Experience of domestic abuse
  • Childhood in poverty
  • Looked after child (historic or current)

76% of new residents had at least two support needs*
28% of new residents had at least three support needs*
*in addition to homelessness

What causes homelessness?

The biggest cause of homelessness amongst our residents is family breakdown and this year we have seen an increase in young people who have experienced domestic abuse, mental ill health and learning difficulties as well as a doubling of care leavers and refugees.

What is Complex Needs?

When a young person has two or more support needs in addition to homelessness they are at a much higher risk of self-destructive behaviours, losing their accommodation and falling into a cycle of homelessness. All complex needs cases this year had experienced social housing or childhood poverty.

In June 2017 we were awarded three years of funding for the complex needs worker post from The Henry Smith Charity. Our complex needs worker has contributed significantly in managing high risk/ high support cases by having dedicated time to address behaviour to prevent unplanned exits from the service. The duration of support varied between 41 to 101 days. We have also developed a robust response protocol amongst all staff for prevention of suicide and self-harm.

Our Complex Needs Approach

  • Therapeutic work such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Trauma informed care
  • Building trust of adults
  • Rolling with resistance and reflective work with staff
  • Providing consistency and boundaries
  • Drug reduction work
  • Advocacy
  • Connecting to external support services

Complex Needs Outcomes


38 young people referred to the Complex needs worker in the first 10 months


27 complex needs cases completed


11 complex needs cases active

52% have moved on positively from The Y into their own tenancies
88% achieved a reduction in substance use
70% attended mental health support services

Housing Case study with image to follow …

Libby’s Story

“I was absolutely petrified at being homeless after a family breakdown and I felt completely stuck because no young person should be homeless. On first coming to the Y, I was nervous but they were so welcoming and friendly. The Y has helped me with my confidence, sorting out my money and accommodation.

The Y is there for young people and it gives them a safe place to live as well as all the support they need. It really does save them”



119 young people across Leicester and Leicestershire registered with The Y exceeding our target of 100


106 young people were helped to find accommodation with 67% sustaining their tenancy for at least 18 months.


48 young people entered work with 44% sustaining at least 6 months in full time employment.

Support needs of Ambition clients

  • 80% had complex needs*
  • 86% Substance misuse
  • 80% Mental health issues
  • 64% Offending behaviour
  • *two or more support needs in addition to being homeless or at imminent risk of losing their accommodation

This three year project concluded in January 2018, having reached over 400 young people across the region. The project targeted homeless young people who were unable to access existing services, however they had a high level of complex needs. Once accommodated the young people were supported to access and sustain accommodation, work, education and volunteering opportunities.

These results are a testament to the support received from housing organisations including: East Midlands Housing, Waterloo Housing, Paragon Asra, Action Homeless, Exaireo, local housing authorities and The Bridge Housing Services (Loughborough).

In Partnership With :
Supported By :

The Y Support Project

Based within The Dawn Centre our day centre offers:

  • Practical help for homeless adults aged 16+: breakfast, food parcels, showers, laundry, telephone, toiletries, clothes.
  • Advice and support: personal development plans, financial management, tenancy rights and advocacy
  • Intensive support around mental health or learning difficulties
  • Groups and sessions including wellbeing, arts and Moneywise plus


748 new clients this year, nearly 50% higher than last year


79 average individual visits per day, the majority between 8am – 10am.


63% of clients are of no fixed abode (rough sleeping, sofa surfing or in squats)

Personal Development Plans

  • 974 Personal Development one to ones took place over the year, helping clients to overcome multiple challenges and prevent the cycle of homelessness
  • 87% of clients with a Personal Development Plan have achieved a big positive change in their motivation, self-care and living skills, relationships, emotional and mental health and management of their accommodation.
  • 51 clients exited the service successfully usually moving into accommodation after a period of homelessness or stabilising their current accommodation.

Donations and Volunteering

The number of homeless people seeking help in Leicester has hugely increased yet our resources remain the same. Donations of money, food, clothes and toiletries make a significant difference to rough sleepers who need immediate help. We also provide the opportunity for clients to volunteer to help with breakfast, boosting self esteem.

Jason’s Story

Recently Jason became homeless when his landlord removed him from his flat. Jason had been in prison on seven different occasions over the last 9 years, also experiencing a destructive relationship and issues with alcohol and substance misuse. He struggled to get the help he needed but The Y Support Project has helped to address his housing situation and much more.

“The Y Support Project staff see me as a person, care about my needs and make me feel like I belong. I wouldn’t have made it through those difficult months without that bit of routine. The welcome of a friendly face that asks me how I am, a hot drink and a shower when I needed it.

With their support and suggestions, I’ve registered to volunteer with Voluntary Action Leicester and hope to help people like me one day. I’ve attended a music workshop and learnt to play some guitar which I really enjoyed. I have also now just secured a bedsit and have my own accommodation once again.

I’m determined that I will never be homeless again. The team saw past the alcohol and drugs and cared about what was causing it instead of blaming everything on it.”

*Not his real name.

Money Advice


This newly launched website gives young people easy access to information and advice to improve their personal financial management skills as well as tips for living independently.

Young people were involved at all stages, inputting their own pain points and helping to create content.

Moneywise Plus

We continue to be a delivery partner for Moneywise Plus which supports many of our residents and clients to manage their finances such as budgeting, benefits, grant applications and looking for employment.

Flat 108


28 young people benefited from Flat 108 with an average of 25 hours of support each.


17 young people reached their 3 and 6 month milestone assessments totalling 436 hours of support.


12 school children in years 10 and 11 received one to one support

Each young person is supported to:

  • Increase independent living skills such as travel, shopping and establishing routines
  • Improve day to day decision making skills
  • Improve social skills
  • Be empowered to identify aspirations & opportunities for their future

Our dedicated transitions team use the fully equipped, self-contained flat as a base for delivering independent living sessions to young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Users of Flat 108 may also be vulnerable due to disadvantaged family backgrounds and risk of exploitation, bullying or coercion. We are pleased to report we are meeting our targets for numbers engaged and positive outcomes.

Simon’s Story

Simon has an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and has difficulty making eye contact and communicating with people. His disability also means he struggles with certain noises and in certain places.

After working with the transitions team his confidence and ability have dramatically increased. Simon can travel around the local area independently, is able to budget and now attends college full time. Having met all of his goals, Simon is seen as a bit of a leader and can support others on their journey.

“When I first came, I could only make basic foods like sandwiches or microwaveable meals. Now I have learned so much about cooking full meals, shopping around for ingredients at the best prices. Flat 108 has given me the independence I need for everyday living.”



7 sell out shows were programmed spanning comedy, music and ballet.


121 live shows and events took place at The Y Theatre


21 community groups and organisations put on their own show.

We were so proud to receive the Lifetime Contribution at The Leicester Comedy Festival Awards 2018.

The Y Theatre has been a key venue in the festival every year since it’s inception in 1994 and played host to some big stars including Johnny Vegas, Russel Brand, Dara O’Briain, Tim Vine, Jo Brand, Jason Manford, Adrian Edmonson and lots more silliness over the years.

Sell Out Shows

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Theatre, Dance & Kids

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We’ve Worked With



£4500 raised at the Zip Wire Challenge across Leicester’s Victoria Park.


£3280 raised at The Leicester Legends Vs Team Y Football Match


£6884 raised via 106 young people on the National Citizen Service

It was wonderful to be joined by so many friends, service users, dignitaries, trustees, and staff at Leicester Cathedral in March to mark the start of our 135th birthday year celebrations. Food was shared and stories told to commemorate The Y’s history as a place of safety and sanctuary.

Thank you to all the staff who show dedication and tenacity every day. In February we held our first annual staff conference, featuring guest speaker Wasim Khan, CEO of Leicestershire County Cricket Club, which left us all feeling energised for the path ahead.

The support we received from fundraisers and donors enabled us to purchase our new van, move on bags and essential home electrical items to help young people set up home when they are ready to move out. We were also impressed to receive 252 shoe boxes of essential items from schools and community groups given as Christmas gifts to our residents.

Kathryn Hamylton